Hello, thanks for looking me up. If you don't already know,  I'm a UK based synthesist who has been creating music since 1979. In addition to public album releases I have made music for production used by BBC, and the Discovery Channel and other broadcasters. 

Because of confusion on various platforms over the name of Mark Griffiths I added a family name to my own to become Mark Dalton Griffiths to release my more experimental/ IDM type music, while I use the name Mark Ellery Griffiths for the more pastoral releases. 

Under my original name I released;

Paperworlds (private cassette release 1983)

Crystallography (private cassette release 1985)

K2 (private cassette release 1987)

Like the Passing of Summer Rain (Electronical Dreams 1989)

From the Trees (Electronical Dreams 1993)

The Lost Harvest (Soundclick 2003)

Dreamers (Soundclick 2003)

Out Here (Bandcamp 2016)

Deep Space (Library music - Ravenwood 2016)

Landscapes (Library music - Ravenwood 2016)

TimeSpace (Compilation - Bandcamp 2017…